Tips For Designing Children’s Clothing

If you have a fashion major and you are wondering on what difference you can make with it, maybe you should try the children’s apparel industry. Being an ever growing and fashionable one, there is profit for young, blooming designers.Knowing the fieldThe fashion industry is one of the biggest in today’s world, generating around 30 billion dollars annually in the children’s apparel industry.  Its growth keeps progressing along with every generation, from ‘high knee dresses’ to the ‘boyfriend jeans’. That is why it is always good to be up to date with what the young ones are wearing.  As this is a highly competitive sector, it is normal to fail at first. Do not be disheartened if your passion hasn’t turned into a career yet. Fashion takes a lot of time and work to succeed in.What do you design? The children’s clothing departments are always full of colour, so when designing Such items, keep in mind not to incorporate much dull colours. If you have a job as a designer, you would have got an outline of the new collection that is to be sketched. If you don’t, and you are working independently for the first time, start off with basics such as casual wear for kids. Later on you can move onto items like party wear, kids raincoats, children gumboots and other garment styles.ShowcasingNow that you have a clear idea of what your designs are to be and what is best in the trend, figure out a method to get them on the ramp. As said earlier, a career in this field can be quite a doubtful road at first. Approach designers or brands with your sketches of kids raincoats or party dresses a few times and they might want to incorporate them into their future collections. If you have got a good machine and sewing skills, stitch a few samples of your designs to impress them more. If you are more adventurous, start a little venture of your own by opening up an online store or a boutique. For more info about kids raincoats, visit step upIf you think it is time to take your knowledge to the next level, maybe taking a higher/further course in design or any related section would help you structure your work better. If you cannot afford university education, there are internships at branded companies that you could try for. There are so many leading designers without a degree of any sort. Sign up for workshops and seminars that are held in cities to see what is trending and to widen your knowledge.